Santo Rico Staff Members

Tomas Guerrero Mambo and Salsa Instructor

Tomas Guerrero

The director of the legendary Santo Rico dance company in New York, Tomas Guerrero has largely influenced and shaped the style of Salsa and Mambo as we know it today through his work in the past two decades. Coming from a street dancer background, Tomas is a trendsetter in the art of dancing Mambo. In 1998 he developed the “Santo Rico Spin Technique” where he incorporated multiple continuous spins in his choreographies and established a curriculum for said spin technique for women. Under Tomas’ direction, Santo Rico became one of the most influential Salsa/Mambo dance organizations in the world, serving as an inspiration and training platform especially to New York’s most well-known dancers, performers, instructors, directors, and dance companies.

Some of Tomas’ achievements include dancing for some of Salsa’s mega superstars like Tito Puente, Óscar De León, José Alberto “El Canario”, Sonora Ponceña, Marc Anthony and Gilberto Santo Rosa, to name a few. Also traveling and dancing to Salsa Congresses and spanning 6 continents, 47 countries, 40 US cities and being featured in his HBO documentary “El Espíritu de la Salsa”.

Camille Berríos styling, and spinning coordinator

Camille Berrios

Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Camille developed a passion for dance at a very young age. At the age of 8, she began dancing at “Al Aire Libre Camp Bacardi” in Puerto Rico. At age 11 Camille moved to Tampa with her family where she continued her pursuit of dancing. Her love of Salsa grew when she learned the basics from her step dad at home. During her teenage years, she trained in Jazz, Tap, and Hip-Hop. At age 23 she joined the Ballroom world where she taught and performed with the Fred Astaire Companies for 4 years, and where she acquired multiple certifications in various dances like Foxtrot, Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Tango, and Rumba. Despite training in the many different genres of dance her love of Salsa ultimately prevailed. In 2016 she was invited to perform for a local Tampa Salsa dance team called Dance Freaks.

In 2019, Camille decided to take her dancing to another level and moved to Orlando Florida to train under the tutelage of Tomas Guerrero, eventually becoming an official member of the Santo Rico Florida Company. She then got certified by Tomas as a Mambo instructor. Subsequently, she was put in charge of the Santo Rico Styling/Spinning program teaching Santo Rico’s world-famous spin technique.

In 2020, Camille decided to fuse her love of the arts and marketing experience and launched CBP Arts Productions, offering services in professional hair and make-up services and choreographing for special occasions and corporate events.

Javier Morales Salsa instructor

Javier Morales

Javier’s experience in Latin dancing dates back to 1998 when he took his first Salsa class. He also performed with a local group called Hispanic American League of Artists (HALA), where he later became the head instructor/director of the Latin dance division. In 2004, he attended an off-Broadway show called Latin Madness and saw Santo Rico’s famous “Gangsta” routine for the first time. As of that moment, he knew Santo Rico would be his new home for learning Mambo. Thereafter began traveling from Allentown, PA to New York to take weekend classes with Santo Rico. Subsequently, Javier began teaching adult classes in Pennsylvania. An endeavor that would endure for 12 years. In 2005, he created 2 teams composed of students trained by Javier himself. Their achievements included dancing on stage with both Larry Harlow and Tito Puente Jr.

After a long hiatus from dancing due to several knee surgeries, he moved to Tampa in 2016 where he married his lovely wife Sarai Morales. While in Tampa he found out that Tomas Guerrero had moved to the Orlando area. Javier again began traveling long distances, from Tampa to Orlando, to train with Tomas. Subsequently, one of his dreams was realized when Tomas invited him to be part of his performance teams. As a member of Santo Rico, he performed at Orlando Salsa Congress, Tampa Salsa/Bachata Festival, New Orleans Salsa Festival, and Atlanta Salsa Festival. Javier is currently among Santo Rico’s most experienced members and a certified instructor at Santo Rico Dance Florida.

Luc Tshiboyi Salsa, Bachata instructor

Luc Tshiboyi

Luc is a multi-talented, multilingual dancer, performer and instructor originally from the Congo, Africa. Luc’s love for Latin dance and its music began in 2006 while living and working in Spain. After returning to his home state of Michigan he began ballroom dancing to add to his dance repertoire. He later trained as an instructor for many of the most popular styles, such as American Smooth, Rhythm Dances and Night Club dances. Some of Luc’s achievements include winning heat at the Niagara Salsa Congress. He’s also certified in Mambo and Bachata instruction. In 2011 he moved to Boston where he returned to his love of Latin dance, at which time he trained under Mario Neris and his Mambo Revelation. In 2015 he relocated to Orlando, FL and discovered Santo Rico Dance Florida, where he began training with Tomas Guerrero. Luc is currently a certified Mambo dance instructor at Santo Rico Dance Florida, and the head instructor of Santo Rico Florida’s Bachata program.

David Gabriel Afro Cuban instructor

David Gabriel

Born and raised in New York City and of Puerto Rican heritage, David was exposed to Latin music and dance at a very young age. In 2007, David joined the Universal Mambo Dance Academy, and would go on to perform with the company in over a dozen shows throughout the U.S. Shortly after, David began training under Felix “Pupy” Insua and Jennifer Donello at the Oriki Omi Oddara Afro-Cuban Dance Theater. After obtaining his B.S. Degree in Education, he founded DG’s Afro-Latin Dance Project (now Dialects Dance Theatre). Since then, David has performed at and choreographed shows for events such as The Creative City Project, The International Fringe Festival, and The iDance festival. He has taught workshops at the University of Central Florida, Florida State University, Embry-Riddle University, and has been a featured instructor at National Dance Day. He is currently an instructor and choreographer at Skyra Film and Dance Academy. David has recently branched out to theatre and film, choreographing for the theatrical production, “Eden” and the film “The Red Book”, and performing in lead roles in the films “Soul Stain” and “The Red King”.

Sharonda Roberts Salsa and Mambo Instructor

Sharonda Roberts

Sharonda discovered her gift of dance at a young age. Her background includes training in styles such as Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, and Lyrical. She choreographed for special occasions, created a dance program for kids, teens, and adults, and also choreographed for Christian rapper, Ason. Her greatest achievement was putting together her first full production, “Fearless” which drew in over 300 people.

In 2009 she moved to Orlando Florida where she found the world of Salsa. Within a short time she performed in the Orlando Salsa Congress. Thereafter, she performed with several Orlando area dance teams, such as Salsa Heat, Es el Amor by Amy Dominguez, D3, and choreographed and co-founded “Two Generations” with Veryl E. Jones.

In 2019 she began working with Tomas Guerrero where she became a certified Santo Rico Mambo instructor.