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Tomas Guerrero Mambo and Salsa Instructor

Tomas Guerrero, Director

The director of the legendary Santo Rico dance company founded in New York, Tomas Guerrero, has significantly influenced and shaped the style of Mambo dance as we know it through his work over the past two decades. Coming from a street dance background, Tomas is an innovator in the art of dancing mambo-style salsa. In 1998 he developed the “Santo Rico Spin Technique,” where he incorporated multiple continuous spins in his choreographies and established a curriculum for multiple spins for follows. Under Tomas’ direction, Santo Rico became one of the world’s most influential salsa dance organizations, serving as an inspiration and training platform, especially for New York’s most well-known dancers, performers, instructors, directors, and dance companies.

Some of Tomas’ achievements include dancing for salsa mega superstars, including Tito Puente, Óscar De León, José Alberto “El Canario,” Sonora Ponceña, Marc Anthony, and Gilberto Santo Rosa. Further, he has traveled to and performed at salsa congresses in six (6) continents, 47 countries, and 40 US cities and is featured in his HBO documentary “El Espíritu de la Salsa.”

Francys Herrera, Instructor

Meet Francys Herrera, an exceptionally talented and versatile performing artist, and instructor with a flair for sophistication. Hailing from Venezuela and having resided in Ecuador for the last seven years, she brings a vibrant energy to her craft. With her diverse skill set, Francys is poised to captivate audiences and inspire aspiring dancers.

Boasting an impressive 15 years of professional dance experience, she possesses unparalleled training and knowledge in world-level competitive salsa. Her extraordinary talent has earned her numerous national awards, including the prestigious titles of Professional Salsa Solo Champion and On2 Salsa Couple Champion.

Francys is deeply passionate about sharing her wealth of knowledge and expertise in dance. Her dedication to training and preparing dancers at the highest level is inspiring. She is committed to helping aspiring dancers reach their full potential, constantly striving for excellence in the competitive dance arena. Francys’ love for teaching shines through in every session, making her an invaluable asset to any dancer’s journey toward success.

With her exceptional leadership skills, Francys has successfully guided competition teams of ladies in styles like Salsa and Bachata. She has also prepared dancers across various categories, including children, Juniors, and Amateurs, for prestigious world championships such as “Euroson Latino” and “The Summit.” Francys, with her remarkable expertise, has consistently led her students to numerous victories as World Champions. Her guidance and skills have made her the driving force behind their success.

Luc Tshiboyi Salsa, Bachata instructor

Luc Tshiboyi, Instructor

Luc is a multi-talented, multilingual dancer, performer, and instructor originally from the Congo, Africa. Luc’s love for Latin dance and its music began in 2006 while living and working in Spain. After returning to his home state of Michigan, he began ballroom dancing to add to his dance repertoire. He later trained as an instructor for many popular styles, such as American Smooth, Rhythm Dances, and Night Club dances.

Luc’s achievements include winning the Heat at the Niagara Salsa Congress. He’s also certified in Mambo and Bachata instruction. In 2011, he moved to Boston, where he returned to his love of Latin dance and trained under Mario Neris at Mambo Revelation. In 2015 he relocated to Orlando, FL, and discovered Santo Rico Dance Florida, where he began training with Tomas Guerrero. Luc is currently a certified Mambo dance instructor at Santo Rico Dance Florida.

Sasha Santamaría, Instructor

Sasha Santamaría born and raised in Queens, NY. Her dance journey started at the tender age of 5 at the Lorenz Latin Dance Studio (LLDS), where she quickly discovered she was gifted and passionate about her art. During her time there, she grew as a person and artist, learning so much about dance, her style, and her personality. Her dedication and hard work launched her to teach at the studio and choreograph routines for her friends to perform at her high school.

Her continued training & development gave her and her team the fantastic opportunity to perform at the Puerto Rican parade.

Since moving to Orlando in the spring of 2021, she’s been a part of Santo Rico, Florida, where she continues to expand as a person, teacher, and performer. As she sets new challenges for herself, she’s excited to share her unique style, love of dance, and everything she’s learned while growing the Orlando dance community.

Conroy Smith, Instructor

Bio coming soon.

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