why santo rico


Santo Rico’s teaching credential program not only prepares instructors to teach New York Style (On2) Salsa but provides them with the tools necessary for success.

The program is designed to help individuals become fundamentally sound and well-rounded in the art of teaching, learning, and dancing mambo through theory, history, movement, and music.

This teaching certification is available to anyone interested in becoming certified in teaching Mambo/Salsa

Benefit One

The Santo Rico Teaching Certification Program will be able to provide training under one of the most successful and well-known schools within the past three decades.

Benefit Two

Santo Rico’s teaching structure has been among the most influential worldwide, including the world-renowned “SR spin technique.”

Benefit Three

Provided in several levels, such as timing, musicality, music structure and instrumentation, theory, history, styling/spinning, leading/following, turn patterns, shines, coordination, and body movement.

Benefit Four

Prospective instructor trainees must be able to dance On2 style Mambo at the intermediate level and improve their teaching and dancing abilities due to the training.

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